Window Replacement Ranks as Top Home Improvement Project

Home improvement projects can require a delicate balance. As a homeowner looking to improve your property value, you will simultaneously take your time, money, and convenience into account. A home improvement project that not only improves the overall aesthetic of your home but also yields a solid Return on Investment (ROI), is the ideal scenario. Turns out, window replacement projects, specifically vinyl window replacements, rank as a top ten home improvement project based on ROI.
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Window Replacement Costs

While the cost to replace windows can vary depending on size, quality and distributor, studies show the average order value for replacing vinyl windows is approximately $15,000. However, replacing your windows also increases the resale value of your home. The average cost recouped through home resale increase for window replacement has risen every year for the past five years, and now sits at approximately 65%. This is a solid ROI for a homeowner looking to minimize initial financial risk associated with a home improvement project.

Furthermore, for a homeowner looking to reduce the amount of time spent on a project, window replacement quickly climbs the list of convenient investments. While a major home improvement project or renovation can take upwards of three to four months to complete, the average window replacement process can take as little as just a few weeks. In a time where tens of millions of families are restricted to their homes, taking steps to improve the value of your property, while minimizing the amount of time an installation company spends inside your home is a win-win.

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In addition to providing a good ROI and ideal project timeline, window replacement also adds to the curbside appeal of a home. This gives the homeowner a unique ability to undergo a relatively quick, low risk improvement, while simultaneously maintaining creative direction. This means the companies that offer the greatest variety of window replacement options, while also maintaining fast installment times, are king. But not only are window replacements an aesthetic upgrade, they are also a form of lowering bills. Window replacements have shown the ability to substantially reduce energy bills of a home.

One of the best windows for doing just that are vinyl windows. Vinyl Windows have demonstrated an ability to provide a level of thermal protection that is superior to traditional wood and aluminum windows. Not only that, but they provide high levels of sustained insulation. As we move into the summer months, and the possibility of a continued quarantine looms, installing new vinyl windows, or replacing your old vinyl windows may substantially increase the level of comfort within your home, while also lowering a home’s dependence on heating and cooling. Vinyl windows also rank on the lower end of window replacement costs, further raising the odds of a homeowner recouping their investment, have a low environmental impact, and longer life-span than traditional window options.

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How to Replace Vinyl Windows

For handy homeowners, the window replacement process could even be classified as a DIY Home Improvement Project. This can ultimately assist a homeowner in saving dollars, even if part of the window replacement process is outsourced. However, to ensure proper installation, a tight seal, and a long lifespan, it is recommended that you utilize an experienced and versatile window installation team to get the job done right. Here at Castle Windows, we have the most skilled and experienced installation teams in the area, guaranteeing a tight seal, and perfect fit every time.

Why Castle Windows for Your Replacement Window Project

Castle Windows manufactures premier vinyl replacement windows in a variety of styles and colors. For over 40 years, homeowners have relied on Castle Windows to turn their houses into dream homes. Our lifetime guarantee ensures that all of our windows will last for years, and is even transferable to new homeowners in the event of a property sale, ensuring ROI. Contact us today to speak to one of our experts!

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