How Do You Use your Bay Window?

How Do You Use your Bay Window?


Bay windows are probably one of my favorite window types, the versatility is amazing. You either have a bay window and need some ideas on how to take full advantage of it, or you should probably look into installing one. Let’s explore some of the great possibilities of how you can use your bay window:


Reading nook


Turning your bay window into a cozy reading nook will easily create your new favorite spot in your home. Add cushions, pillows, and a cup of tea and you have a cozy afternoon indoors. Dive into your favorite reading material while getting your vitamin D!



Morning Breakfast Spot


Take the previous idea of adding cushions to your bay window, but enjoy your morning breakfast and coffee in your new cozy spot. Nothing is nicer than having a beautiful breakfast, a hot cup of tea/coffee, and soaking in the fresh morning sun. You get the singing birds in the morning, you see the dew on the grass, and everything is just starting to warm up in your bay window view. If you’re a super early riser than the sunrise is an extra plus.





Meditation is a huge part of keeping cool, calm, and relaxed. Take your bay window and transform it into your zen spot. Add a floor cushion to your bay window for your meditation spot, choose some relaxing candles like lavender, and add other little decorative things that help you find your inner peace. Meditating in nature, in your bay window, has its extra benefits of having nature all year round,no matter what the weather is. You can watch the trees and flowers flow in the breeze from the comfort of your home.



Indoor Garden


If you don’t want to turn your bay window into a seating spot, maybe an indoor garden is more your style. Maybe you like to cook? Maybe you like to plant flowers but you’d like to have them all year round? Turn your bay window into a beautiful indoor garden. A luxury of having a bay window is having the ability to grow your own herbs. Imagine cooking and being able to pick your own basil, rosemary, or dill right from your window! Maybe you’d like a colorful variety of flowers to bring color and life into your home. I enjoy my indoor garden because it eliminates getting dirty outside and there’s no more dealing with the hot and cold weather. The possibilities with growing a garden in your bay window are endless (and beautiful!).



Bird and Garden Watching


If you already have a garden outside maybe your best option is to enjoy it sitting in your bay window. Add some seeded bird feeders, hummingbird feeders, and butterfly bushes right outside your bay window and enjoy the view! If you have perennial flowers you have a permanent garden to enjoy from the comfort of your home.



Display Your Most Valued Collection


A bay window is also a great spot for displays. Maybe you’re a collector? Arrange your collection in the beautiful sunlight of your bay window (careful as some materials fade in the sun*). My collection, as an example, would be my crystals, fossils, and minerals collection. Arranging this sparkling and mystifying collection will give your guests something to look at and talk about. It’ll be a great conversation starter at any party or get-together.



Elegantly Decorate Your Bay Window


Last but not least, elegantly decorate your bay window. If it’s on the front of your house maybe you want it to give your home some curb appeal. Add some beautiful window treatments and arrange some vases. You could even add a light for some extra effect at night time. If you don’t want your bay window to be functional, then it can most definitely appeal to everyone’s eyes!


-Sarah McLean, Castle Windows

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